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A Cardi B Appreciation Article

In a cluttered community full of ambitious and often super competitive creatives, becoming relevant and staying relevant in Hip-Hop is not easy, and it’s 100 times harder if you’re a woman. Women are often evaluated by everything but their talent, constantly attacked and berated for every single thing they do that the general public may not agree with. However, in the past decade, women have begun to get the attention they deserve, and when they have, they have not disappointed. Going forward I know women will continue creating their own lanes and legacies, but Cardi B has set the bar to an astronomical height.

Why Hip-Hop Isn’t Fun Right Now

The SoundCloud era was a beautiful concept especially for someone like me who doesn’t like the feeling of products being forced in front of my face in a sort of “you can be on this train or under it” hostage situation. I like for things to be organic. I’m a fan of organic growth, organic marketing, organic food, etc… That’s what the Soundcloud era was, organic music being allowed to grow because people actually enjoyed the music and wanted to listen to it on repeat instead of music “growing” because it’s being played on the radio ten times an hour. Additionally, because of the organic nature of Soundcloud, artists were able to take more risks with blending genres, case in point, the Emo-Rap subgenre that at times dominated Hip-Hop in the late 2010s.

Is the Home of Blues the Next Hip-Hop Hotbed?

Gotti’s focus has never been solely on his own career with his business savvy helping him stay alive in a cutthroat business with a short-term memory. Over the past several years Gotti has been dedicated to finding the platform to best elevate CMG to the upper echelon of Hip-Hop artist imprints. In partnering with LA Reid and Epic Records in 2013, before moving to Roc Nation in 2016 to be overseen by Jay-Z, Yo Gotti and his imprint’s roster has risen to great heights in the last 5 years.